Summer Shack

Famed New England Chef Jasper White called on us to help him brand and position a new restaurant concept: The Summer Shack. Based on the simple idea of the classic roadside clam shack combined with New England’s fishing tradition, Jasper was aiming to create an authentically fun and casual atmosphere while maintaining the high quality and fresh flavors that his twist on seafood cuisine is known for.

We achieved this through hand-drawn lettering combined with a hand-made “mom + pop” mentality to create the menus, take-out packaging, collateral items, and exterior signage concepts which draw their inspiration from roadside clam shacks. ┬áThe look is intentionally “home grown” and was extended into a series of ads championing the casual nature of the “shack”.


  • Brand Identity
  • Advertising
  • Take Out Packaging
  • Branded Apparel
  • Signage

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